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Haxstrong has had the privilege to work with many businesses and individuals over the years. We cannot thank them enough for the support they have given us and without their assistance we would not have made it as far as we have. Many of our partners are based in Kaohsiung where Haxstrong began. As we continue to grow and raise awareness for what we do, we are thankful for their ongoing support and for the support of many new partners who have expressed an interest in helping us.

If you are interested in working with Haxstrong to host a charity event, or are looking for an affiliated charity we would be happy to discuss partnership opportunities with you.




  • Arkansas Diner
  • Bagel Bagel
  • Black Dog Pub
  • Brickyard
  • Bonster Handmade
  • Cijin Sunset Bar
  • Cindy Wu Music Studio
  • Corey’s Kitchen
  • Dyhard Productions
  • El Patron
  • Foster Hewitt’s Bar & Grill
  • Ghost Money Allstars
  • Goober Gun
  • Kaohsiung Brazilian Jujitsu
  • K-Town Circus
  • Lahore Exostic Cuisine
  • LifeAll
  • Lighthouse Bar & Grill
  • Lotus Wakepark
  • Louis Scooter Rental
  • Maison Hair Salon
  • Meow Queen
  • Sarkii
  • South Taiwan Jedi Order
  • Super Fast Food Delivery
  • Taphouse
  • The Magic Spoon Diner
  • Underground Sounds
  • Wakey Wakey Lakeview Cafe & Bar
  • We Are The One
  • ZZyZx Bar & Restaurant
  • 3000 Hair Salon